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Health Screenig for men Between 40 and 65 years of Age

Screening helps to diagnose diseases early when symptoms have not yet appeared ,so we can prevent complications  and go for early treatment.some diseases like cancer can be completely cured if detected early  Men are at their productive  best between the ages of 40 -65 yrs of age as they are more exposed to high stress levels and prone to various health issues

Diseases which can be detected in this age group

Diabetes and hypertension

Colorectal and prostate cancer


Screening tests

Routine examination by a doctor

Routine examinations should be done in every 1-5 yrs Individuals are advised to do selftesticular examinations as well as to lead a healthy life style by exercising, controlling weight, avoiding smoking and alcohol

Dental examinations

Eye testing

Eye testing should  be done every two years to detect glaucoma

Blood pressure

Lipid profile

Lipid profile should be taken to check the cholesterol level once in5 yrs and if additional problems like diabetes, kidney disease ,heart disease exists a frequent testing may be needed

Colon cancer screening

Advised for men above 50 yrs of age ,the test could include a yearly stool test, a flexible sigmoidoscopy with a stool  guaiacum test every 5 yrs, a colonoscopy every 10yrs

Prostate cancer screening

Digital rectal examinations and blood tumour market testing for prostate Antigen (PSA) are recommended for screening prostate cancer

Osteoporosis screening

Blood sugar testing

A fasting sugar level should be taken once in 3yrs

HIV testing

Men with many partners are at high risk for developing HIV

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